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a bunch of Moto X in-depth reviews came out yesterday, which I think is a good proxy for the Droids since they share most of their software and hardware.

1. Performance

The X8 was advertised as having a "blazing fast" 155FPS score on Egypt graphics benchmark. I think that was a typo as moto X reviews peg the benchmark at 55 FPS. Sure, it's faster than an S4, which only manages a 40 or so, with all it's "specs" (LOL) but it's not the "blazing fast" 155 that Moto was advertising. I mean, I guess at least they didn't advertise, 550 FPS (*pissed*).

CPU performance: it's in the middle between the Nexus 4 (quad core FTL) and the S4/One in terms of it's raw processing power. But it matches/beats the S4 et al in browsing, javascript and other scores.

2. Camera

The shots on the X8 are inconsistent, hindered by heavy post processing done by the software. Although all the reviews said that *most* of the shots are good, for some strange reason, the phone produces a bad shot in optimal good light conditions out of nowhere. One review said, it's like you have to open the camera, and let it hang out open for 10 secs to guarantee the shot will be good. A one off quick shot in good lighting will be good something like 80% of the time though.

Low light performance is good, resulting in increased sharpness/detail, at the expense of extra noise (better than blurry). Some of the good light shots however also suffer from the extra noise.

Edit: also, the camera flash is less powerful than the S4's. Anyone know how MAXX's flash compares (hardware wise i mean)

3. Call quality - was said to be above average, but not the best. (i'm a bit surprised, thought that was one of Moto's strong suits)

4. speakerphone - loud but begins to buzz once loudness is turned up all the way (may be different on Maxx because different hardware body)

5. Battery - The X, with 22k Mah and 24hr advertised life, got somewhere between the S4 (low) and the One/Iphone (high) in terms of battery life. Tests vary from site to site, so actual numbers are meaningless. People that lived with the phone say it sometimes lasts less than 1 whole day. (my takeaway is the MAXX will *always* last 1 whole day; it will be the only phone to ever guarantee this 100%, and thus the only viable option when purchasing a new phone in 2013).

6. Screen - it has a warmer color tone than the S4/One. Described as a "pinkish" hue. The whites look yellowish, especially compared to the white color of the phone (so if buying the DUltra, which comes in white, try to stay away from white, it'll make your screen look worse by comparison). Screen has been described as "above average" otherwise. The resolution is not a problem, as everyone should logically understand already. It's just not the true colors seen on any decent LCD (except for TN varieties).

7. Software

We all know all the great things about it, so I'll stick to the 2 negatives I've read.

1st, the active display only actively displays the LAST notification. This hinders the decision making of "should i unlock the phone" - because even if the last notification is unimportant, the previous, hidden ones may be.

2nd, the touchless control (ok google now), doesn't work if you have a password (you have to unlock first)

3rd, without any authorization or notification, a reviewr's phone switched into car mode in the car and started reading incoming texts out loud. i can see quite a few problems with privacy with the feature if you are in the car with someone else (say a girlfriend, or a boss); i mean f'ing life changing problems if you get my drift.

OK, this is all i can think of, sorry for the long post, hope some other people find this useful.
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