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Originally Posted by Goodspike View Post
You might also rethink that after losing the phone and realizing what is on there.
Exactly, most people say "I have nothing important" on their phone.

then they lose:
-years of pictures (some could show where you live, you in a compromising position,etc).

-txt messages of a personal nature maybe even addresses, passwords, alarm codes, etc

-sync'd browser websites that may automatically log in. (financial, amazon, extra)

- Access to your social media accounts that could be used to scam your friends (see articles we're people ask for money because their stuck somewhere)

-Access to ALL your contacts information, again can be used for (scam) OR maybe EVEN just wiped out.

- A list of which financial institutes you use (bookmarks), with information of family friends that could make it easier for identity theft.

And THAT's just what I can think of off the top of my head.
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