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Originally Posted by Covert_Death View Post
unfortunately that is there mentality ... the whole "what we pay for them" is actually dirt cheap here in the states. $200 for a phone is a blessing honestly, yes you have to wait two years and have to hassle with the carriers over bootloaders but those are the terms we accept when buying a subsidized price and have the carrier take $400 off the price.

FORTUNATELY they are also starting to give us options to buy phones outright with bootloaders unlocked via DEV phones like the GS4 HTC One and now the Moto X... this trend I am at least happy with.

but back to the paying thing, as long as the carrier is eating most of the cost of the phone, no they are not going to give us what we want.
I was more or less just venting. I remember now that I accepted the ota a couple weeks ago. I just didn't know what it was. Good insight too. I never considered the fact that they did give me the phone for only $168 (Walmart). $181.46 with tax. I guess that's over $400 off the retail price.
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