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Default Flashing red/orange LED while trying to charge

Got a cheapo charger from eBay. Plugged it up to my HTC One (had about 19% battery). Checked on it several minutes later. Still at 19% & the LED was blinking orange (usually solid when I charge using the wall charger that came w/ the phone).

There were no errors on screen, and it wasn't hot to the touch, but just to be safe, I unplugged it and plugged it into the factory charger. I got the usual solid orange light & the battery percentage increased as it normally would.

I got that charger because it came with a car charger (I like the ones that have a removable USB cable so I can take it in & charge it on the work PC if I need to), but it's not worth it if it's going to give me charging/battery issues.

Anyone have an idea as to what the flashing light meant? Only thing I found via search was "overheating" and "won't turn on" issues which I don't have.

Also, is there a reputable charger that has a removable USB cable that I can used as described above?

Thank you!!
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