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Originally Posted by Crashumbc;[URL="tel:6050227"
6050227[/URL]]Exactly, most people say "I have nothing important" on their phone.

then they lose:
-years of pictures (some could show where you live, you in a compromising position,etc).

-txt messages of a personal nature maybe even addresses, passwords, alarm codes, etc

-sync'd browser websites that may automatically log in. (financial, amazon, extra)

- Access to your social media accounts that could be used to scam your friends (see articles we're people ask for money because their stuck somewhere)

-Access to ALL your contacts information, again can be used for (scam) OR maybe EVEN just wiped out.

- A list of which financial institutes you use (bookmarks), with information of family friends that could make it easier for identity theft.

And THAT's just what I can think of off the top of my head.
I second this. I'd like to add personal documents, any work related stuff, where you've been using GPS, bank acct. info. like a check registry. (I stop using paper a few years ago.)

I know what you mean, when in the car, being able to access your phone quickly. I use an app called "Car Dock" which I launch when driving. (The screen never goes to sleep.) This way, if I need to navigate, I just hit the app. and be on my way. It can be customized to have other apps added as well.
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