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Originally Posted by Tlicious1020 View Post
Like the post above. If you are going to buy or use a charger make sure it's from a reputable cell phone manufacturer, carrier, or company. Using cheap chargers will result in damage to the phone. If you bought a Lamborghini would you put the cheapest gas available in the tank? Well, why use a cheap charger on a high end smartphone? Somone posted in one of the EVO forums a few years ago that their cheapo car charger caught fire inside of the car.
Thanks - and thank you, Marc...

The only reason I went w/ the cheap charger is that it was the only car charger that had a removable USB cable that I can remove from the car adapter & plug in to my PC @ work. Do you out anyone else know of a more reliable charger that does the same thing? Thanks again.

...just tried it again. I get a solid orange light for a few seconds, then it blinks again... I think I'm just going to return it as I don't want to risk screwing the phone up... Any recommendations for a quality car charger w/ removable USB would beGREATLY appreciated!
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