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Originally Posted by Benrx View Post
I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how this works, and I shouldn't be doing that at this late after the day I've had. So I'll save those questions for later.

But do I understand that when you are ready to get your new phone, you must trade in your old phone. So if I have an S4 and want an HTC One, I will not end up with both even having paid for them? because I will have to trade in S4.
your trading in your old phone because to edge up your only paying for %50 of the phones value, NOT %100... %100 is an option as well at 6 months though and you get to keep the device if you do that obviously.

technically you pay for HALF the phone price and can upgrade every 6 months so your paying 100 more for the phone than you would with a 2 year upgrade price AND have the ability to upgrade 4x as often...

i DO work for Verizon and am not stating this as advertisement but just showing the facts of the program.

the way the system works is as follows

sign up for edge installment plan, pay first month at time of purchase (payment are split into 24 months)

after 6 months of being on Edge, you can "Edge Up". in order to do this you must pay whatever else is owed to catch up to %50 of phone initial value. then at that point you trade in your phone, pick a new phone and start making payments on the new phone and STOP paying on the old one... and you can do this every six months.

so it may not be the BEST plan but it is a GOOD option for those who want to upgrade frequently. there is also no contract tied to our plan where as ATT's plan requires a 12 month contract agreement.
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