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Originally Posted by shmn View Post
I have the phone in an Otterbox Defender since day one. Took out this past weekend and used it naked (the phone, not me). It was like holding onto a bar of soap. I was constantly dropping it onto the table and into my lap. Not an easy phone to hold for me. It's back in it's case now and I feel safer.
Without a case I just get reminded of how thin the phone is, and therefore how vulnerable it would be because thicker would be stronger. The case allows me to pretend those concerns don't really exist.

Seriously, when considering what smartphone to buy, the thinness of the phone wasn't a factor at all. Phone manufacturers can race all they want to produce the thinnest phone to seduce the gullible. I prefer focusing on real features, like MicroSD, NFC, IR, removable batteries, etc.
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