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Originally Posted by alcohol1511 View Post
here is the question that i have because like some of you i am trying to get the galaxy s4 and i currently have an iphone 5. would you recommend using edge if you dont plan on getting another phone in 6 or 12 months. i plan on paying the phone off early cause my contract ends soon and want to move to tmobile? thanks for any input
If you don't plan on getting a new phone between the 6-12 month time after getting one, I don't think it would be a smart idea.

Let me use myself for an example. I just got the S4 from Verizon. If I were to take the Edge plan (assuming it was available now) and paid into that and kept my S4 for 12 months before upgrading, between the $250 I paid up front, the built in subsidy in the monthly plan fee as well as the Edge payments, I would essentially have paid for the price of my phone completely. So when I trade it in, I am out basically the retail cost of the phone taking all the payments from above into account and I lose the phone.

Honestly, this is really just a money making scheme on the carriers part. They are going to recoup from the subscriber the cost of the phone in most cases and then get the phone back to resell. It's win win for the carriers.

The only customer I can see this being a benefit for are those who don't care about spending an extra 200-250 every 6 months and do not care whatsoever about keeping their device and just have to have the latest and greatest.

Not to mention, if you are using this plan, you should be keeping up on what is going to be released in the next few months to know if you want anything to upgrade to anyway.
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