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HERE are some requirements set up in the plan to help you guys understand how you can use EDGE...

1st and foremost, if you sign up for edge you WILL lose unlimited data, no questions asked it is in the system and won't allow edge installment to complete with selecting a data package.

Second, you must be either a NEW VZW customer or out of contract. there is no "double dipping" in each pricing program (subsidized 2 year price | VZW Edge).

this is really only beneificial for customers who plan to upgrade every 6-12 months... you only end up paying for HALF the price of the device if you swap it in and can continue with monthly installments on a new device every six months...

NOW the last GOTCHA that I noticed while reading through our training material...
even if you decide to buy the phone outright 3 months in, you will still not be eligible to use EDGE again until 6 months after you started it last... you must pay %50 of the device and trade it in (or buy it outright and pay %100) AND be 6 months out from when you made your first EDGE payment on your current device.

I hope this helps clear some questions up around here about EDGE, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask and i will answer ASAP.
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