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Originally Posted by SolApathy View Post

Thanks for your answer, I'm from India and my operator uses 800Mhz for voice & 2000Mhz frequency for EVDO data, see here and I bought this phone on ebay as 'BAD ESN' phone, I don't have Sprint SIM to check it out if it still stays in the roaming. Lets say that it is ROAMING on Sprint account then Why am I charged for calls, Text & data according to the plans provided by RUIM provider(my operator), it should not be done right, all the charges should be made by Sprint on the account that it is active.

That's where I'm confused, why am I charged by my local network provider for calls, text & data(according to the plans active on my RUIM) if it is just Roaming on their account. And in other case, why is it still needs Roaming to be active if it is using the local network provider.
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