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The Phandroid Moto X
Front: White
Back: Royal Blue
Accent: Metallic Yellow
Signature: None (I like the back as clean as possible)
Memory: 32GB preferred, but 16GB would be manageable.
Wallpaper: 2nd row, 3rd column (see below) (I will definitely throw a U of M wallpaper on it when I get it, but from what I can tell, you can't upload your own images).
Wall Charger: White

Front: (but with specified wallpaper)

Back View: (but with the white front. this is the closest I could find)
Moto X.png

Explanation: I have lived in East Lansing, MI (aka home of Michigan State University) my entire life. Unlike pretty much everyone else here, my entire family has gone to U of M and we are huge Wolverine fans (Go Blue!). So, I thought, what better way to rep blue and gold loud and proud around MSU campus than with a U of M inspired Moto X? Hence the royal blue back and yellow accents. The black front just looks bad with blue and yellow, so I went with white. It looks so clean. Speaking of clean looks, I like phones as text/logo free as possible, so I opted for no signature on the back. (The ATT logo is already pushing it :P). In terms of storage, 32GB would be preferred, but 16GB would definitely be manageable. As for the power on screen, it just had to be HOLOYOLO to pay tribute to the X's essentially stock UI as well as Matias Duarte's bad ass shirts.

Thanks guys for this amazing contest!
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