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Default An Alarming Trend...

Has anyone else noted this problem? My Droid phone is about 18 months old so I began to look at new and coming phones. Being a very satisfied Droid Razor HD owner, I first looked at new Motorola phones, the Ultra/MAX/Mini and MOTO X. They all have one thing in common. There is no SD slot. In fact, the phone with the largest storage has 1/4 less than my current phone. Now I can survive with unwanted apps I cannot remove, less than state of the art screen resolution, even the stupidity of no USB digital audio out (as long as I can use USB Audio Recorder Pro app to fool the phone into doing what it should on its own) but less storage!!!

I began checking and am discovering a LOT of new phones also seem to be limited to 32GB of storage forcing heavy users into the 'cloud', a really horrifying idea.

Can someone recommend a NEW phone that has real HD resolution (1080 or better), a decent SD card capability and USB audio out?

I have no desire to talk to the phone, wave my hands over the silly thing to get it to perform like a monkey for a monkey grinder, a gazillion apps I cannot remove, or gimmicks. I want a phone that I can use reliably to make the occasional call, store a LOT of music files, music video's, and use a good outboard DAC for high resolution music files.

Any suggestions?
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