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I think Google is trying to become Apple with their attempt at an ecosystem and making it where you have to buy the more expensive option (32GB, 64GB model vs 8-16GB) to get more storage and making their Nexii line without SD Slots and without removable batteries.

they've also recently started copying Apple verbatim lately. Device Manager (Find my iPhone), cloud-based backup/music/books (iCloud, iTunes, iBooks). i am seeing this becoming a disturbing trend. it's like to make Android appeal to the masses they have to make their latest products a harsh reminder of iDevices. i am already hearing rumors that Android 5.0 is going to have a pretty slim UI based off of Google Now (Siri) with cards and such, a dark harking to the slim-pickings of iOS with the look and feel of the long-dead WebOS. I wouldn't put it past 'em to even lock it down where custom launchers no longer work.
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