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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Slug, have you seen the Play Store? Books app? Gmail app? they are already doing the flat card-based pastel garbage on all of their apps, and even encouraging developers to make their apps comply (Yahoo! Mail already does, as does the latest Dolphin Browser). the trend is perfectly clear. they are going with a more card-based flat UI for their latest Android. they are just hinting at it with their apps. it truly sucks. i hate pastels. i'm trying everything i can via rooting to do away with it and even try using older versions but find that the older Play Music and older Play Books refuse to work. i'm forced to either use Kindle or some other app in place of Play. if they do this to Android i am not sure what i'll do. maybe never upgrade.

The Nexus line hasn't always lacked external storage. the Galaxy Nexus sported a SD slot. and early devices had removable batteries. Google has already convinced other manufacturers to do away with external storage and removable batteries, not just the Nexus line. the Droids already seem to be releasing without SD slots.

the USB OTG trend scares me. who really prefers a clunky dongle over built-in slots? it's truly disturbing. i was truly hoping that the modern tech would sport 3-D, or transparent, flexible display tech. instead we see almost everyone copying Windows 8. instead of moving away from stylii, we see more and more devices sporting the pens. (what's next? return to resistive touch screens?) then we see dongles, once a nightmare with laptops who's only expandable options were dongles that plugged into the now-defunct PC Card slot, coming back. slots for removable microSD cards seems to be going away in favor of a more modern variant of PC Cards, only using microUSB instead of the PC card slot.

it's like tech has gotten so advanced, that the only path is backwards. GUIs lately are copying the CGA look of ancient 1980s-era computers, with oversized, high-contrast rectangles or tiles, and the UI is going from dazzling to boring, flat, bland colors. then we see dongles returning. Stylus coming back to mass-use. cellular phones once again returning to their 1980s brick roots.
I'm pretty sure any smartphone manufacturer has their own say so on whether or not their phones have removable storage..

As for Google changing the UI.. What's the big deal? Do you honestly use Gmail that much? There are plenty of alternatives. Use the other Launchers available at the Play Store.

And to all the people comparing the Closed Source to Google and saying they will become like apple.. Please. Considering it's all founded on Open Source..

But anywayyyy.......

If it's really such a big problem just root and switch over to Ubuntu OS. Problem solved.

Tech isn't going backwards at all. They are decreasing the amount of hardware for each phone's functions. Do you really need an SD card? Use Dropbox and what not.

Please. Have you even seen a 1980s phone?

I remember in the 90s when phones were black and white pixels. Much much more advanced. These aren't alarming trends lol.

And for the batteries not being able to be removed. If you're lazy it'd be a problem. All you have to do is unscrew it. I changed my iPhone battery in 5 minutes.

AND as for the apps. Last time I checked Google does not own Dolphin Browser. Just because apps are choosing that UI means absolutely nothing. That does not mean android 5 will be all "flat card based UI"

To assume that based on the design of apps is absolutely absurd.
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