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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i do use another app for email since i can't stand the new Gmail look. the default Email.apk supports multiple accounts and i have three. but that doesn't help it when i need to use Play Store, and have to cringe every time i look at that pastel, oversized reminder of the early days of computing made-worse.

SD Cards and removable storage are very important. if cloud-services (Dropbox included) go away, so does your data. i find it better to have at least some sort of hard backup somewhere on removable media, not trusting it on some internet site. i prefer my music on my device or on removable media just in case one day, whatever music service i use goes belly-up and takes 1000+ songs with it. then there are the few times you're without internet or signal, and you have zero access to any of those features.

to offer a bit of correction, Android is open-source. for now. but Google's Play apps are all closed-source. there is no way to change them to the older look and most of the older versions of their apps (books, music, etc) ceased to function when they upgraded to version 4.0
The app comment is made by design. That has absolutely nothing to do with Google or the development of Android. If Android becomes Closed Source it will be no longer Android considering it is based off Linux.

Well I mean you can add your stuff to a computer..

Especially considering the fact that external hard drives can hold over 3 tb of data.... This really isn't a big deal. As for the Play Store get in and get out? It's not an app you play with. You find what you want and leave.

When I find and select an app it doesn't show this pastel look you keep talking about.

Look up smart watch. Google glass? After you look it up tell us all tech is going backwards.

or what about the fact that my smartphone I only paid $30 for can be a remote control for my TV or how I can use my computer from another country via wifi? How is this not advanced? You have to consider these movies tech are just that. Movie tech. Let's be realistic.

1980s mac versus now. MAJOR leap. Brick phone versus Galaxy S4. Huge leap.

This was all within 30 years. When I was 7 wifi did not even exist. Now I'm 20 wifi is everywhere. I don't think you understand how difficult tech and software development is. You don't just say Ok build a phone accessible to our mind and teleporter and flying cars within a year.
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