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the pastel look is all over Play. the top has a type of pastel color, Play Store's home page has colored cards for Movies, Music, etc all in pastel type colors. a lot like the colors in the Google logo. the entire store is black text on white background, hard on eyes, and hard on battery if your device has an AMOLED screen. i often use the Play Store to download apps and browse, so yes, i hate how it looks. the only apps so far that seem to at least copy some of the UI design are Gmail and all of Google's apps, and some apps that are non-Google like Yahoo! Mail that seem to at least copy the black text on white background, card-based gesture control of Gmail. they are not verbatim copies but do seem to be using a lot of the UI design. i am seriously hoping that the trend isn't to flat-ui and Metro-ish looks. but all i have seen is more and more trending towards that, not away from it.

I have a smartwatch. it relies on Bluetooth and a separate phone. what i meant was i was hoping phones would trend towards HUDs and watches as standalone devices, not devices that simply pair with a phone. the trend currently has the most advanced smartphones becoming huge bricks. no sign of a HUD-based phone as a standalone device. Even Google Glass needs a device to talk to. it does not pull up data on its own. let me know when Glass has a SIM card slot and the ability to function as a standalone smartphone.
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