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Moto X: Inspired by the Hebrew proverb "This too shall pass"
Front: White
Back: Navy Blue
Accent: Metallic Orange
Signature: Like Clouds in the Sky (if there's a character limit, "Clouds in the Sky" will suffice)
Memory: 16GB, but a 32GB would be a nice icing on the already delicious cake.
Power On: In Solitude

From what I've seen this is all that can be customized (other than wallpaper and google account info)

This is inspired by personal experiences of the past year, but also my new outlook in life. Life's too short to let anything hold you down or hold you back. Simply let it pass like clouds in the sky and smile, then keep going.

The white signifies solitude, the blue: sorrow, and the orange signifies the bonding agent that keeps it from falling apart. <3
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