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Originally Posted by twister6 View Post
First of all, what wall charger/usb cable are you using? I would prefer original Samsung combo since you know it guaranteed for 2A full speed charge. Also, check to make sure your electric outlet is not busted (it could happen). Using something like Galaxy Charging Current free app can give you a good idea to baseline your charger/cable.

Another thing to keep in mind, even with a perfectly working charger/cable, it can still take you up to 10 hours for a full charge, and charge sometimes might not be linear with a constant increment. So I would let it sit for 12 hours; lithium batteries like to be overcharged a bit for a full capacity since often as soon as it reports "100%" it might not always be exactly 100%. Once a battery fully charged up, use the same usb/micro-usb cable to charge your phone/tablet.

Don't panic yet, see if these steps would help. If something is found to be defective - gotta replace it under warranty. You get 18-months of warranty, USE IT!!! I'm surprised Amazon UK makes you pay for return shipping, here with Amazon US they send you prepaid label when item is defective or unwanted.
Thanks Twister,
Yes, I have tried various USB chargers from 5V 1A to my Samsung Tablets 5V 2A and another which is rated at 5V 1.5A. All have been connected to different power mains which I know work correctly.
I even tried three different micro USB cables all which I know work fine.
So yes I have tried various combinations.

Since my last message I left it overnight for a further 6hrs charging on a 5V 1.5A (which according to the instructions is the Input rating) and have just checked to see how it got on.....
It is still only showing 2 cell bars complete, having not budged one bit overnight.
In other words it's now been on charge for well over 18hrs and all I have to show is 2 bars complete.

Both the plug and the charger are hot and the battery bars on the charger are still glowing clockwise so it indicates it has been providing a current.

In reference to Amazon UK. They only do returns and a return is not what I want.
In other words if I require a replacement (which I do) I have to return the item at my expense and then order another again paying for postage for delivery.
So you get hit 3 x with postage. Once for initial order, twice for returns and thrice for another new order and Amazon UK aren't cheap on delivery costs for this item.

In the past if I had an issue with any of my Anker products (I have three) I could contact LaptopMate who provided all of them and they would simply send out a replacement unit at no additional cost and I returned the defective one after.

What is more annoying is this Anker product is the first portable charger that actually charges the iPad 4.
The first charger that charges correctly but I can not recharge the charger itself.... Quite ironic really.
.........I don't always get your questions right.... but you'll certainly know I've tried.
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