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Holy carp, I made a megaquote and it was encyclopedia-length. I guess I'll split the two users I responded most to into other posts...except this first quote that I want to make sure gets read, just in case ss1992 is right about it:
Originally Posted by ss1992 View Post
Like I said 2-3 tb external hard drive for approx $40-80 on Amazon or at radioshack? There are other options other than an SD card.
But I can agree. Although most phones only support 32 gb sd cards anyway.
1. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME A LINK TO A 2-3TB DRIVE FOR $40-80! If you're not engaging in hyperbole, I could finally afford the storage I need at home. I checked Radio Shack's site and it looks like they get $150 for 2TB. On Amazon I could score 2TB for $100 or 3TB for $110.

2. A phone only supports a 32GB MicroSD card, but I can carry two dozen of them in a case the size of two half-dollar coins and swap them out whenever I damn well please.

Originally Posted by funkylogik View Post
The manufacturers are making that choice by themselves because, obviously thats what the average customer wants.
If by "customer" you mean "carrier" then yes, but the users don't want that. At most, I can imagine lots of users not knowing or caring, but that's not the same as wanting it gone.

Originally Posted by funkylogik View Post
I think we're gona see much bigger internal storage drives soon though
That'll help, but it's only a stopgap measure. Leaving the user in control by having the SD slot is what really works.

Originally Posted by new optimus View Post
I dont think its what people want, they just follow the "trends" sure there are complainers, like myself but if the choice is no phone or a phone with no sd most will pick the phone.
There is a third option...older phone with SD. Of course there are compromises with that choice too.

Originally Posted by funkylogik View Post
Sony too
samsung are working on a small 128GB internal storage chip and i dont think theyll abandon expandable storage until then
Think of how hard (and flash) drives have improved in size and capacity over the years. I dont think the futures dark
128GB? That'll be fine...for a couple more years.

Originally Posted by OptimusL View Post
So does LG at least with their mid range phones. I don't know if it's only limited to my phone's variant but ever since I got the 4.1.2 update i've been able to add apps to SD so that's a nice feature.
I've observed that mid-range and low-end devices often have better flexibility and standards-compliance than high-end stuff. For example, you can only get one form factor for high end phones: slab. No flip, no slide, just slab. SD slot, same thing.

I've seen a few people mention the latest 4.x version handing app2sd as if it's new, but is it different than it was for versions dating back at least to 2.x?
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