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Originally Posted by shmn View Post
Back on topic...I agree that Google's update is a step in the wrong direction. I hope they steer back on course with the next update.
I'm afraid Google is becoming like Microsoft 15-25 years ago, where their non-OS applications were junk. Ignoring Microsoft's blue screen of death issues, with their OS products I always found those at least intuitive. Up until Office 2007, intuitive was the last thing I would say about Microsoft applications.

Just as an example, I can see why in the web version of Google Maps you would have a starting point as a necessary choice when plotting out a route. Making that a necessary choice on a mobile app is the height of stupidity.

And while the new app apparently will reroute you if traffic changed, I never did find a way to request a new route while driving, other than closing out the program and putting in the address again to get choices. Maybe it exists (again the product is no longer intuitive), but if not, that is not an acceptable option in a mobile device while driving. Like most things in this new version, it takes way too much of your attention.
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