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This was also posted by a knowledgeable person on Sprint forum:

My scientific opinion is that the belief that the DAC on smartphone makes a difference is baloney. In particular, the Internet forum fascination with Wolfson DACs in portable devices has reached almost mythical proportions. But so many of those posters seem incapable of ruling out other factors, including amplification quality and, of course, placebo effect.

I have been studying digital audio for 20 years -- almost twice as long as I have been studying wireless. And as much as I wanted to believe that there are audible differences in competent, modern DACs, no one has been able to show that reliably using scientific testing methods. I am a longtime Stereophile subscriber, and I greatly enjoy the magazine, especially for its rigorous test and measurement reports. But some of the subjective prose from Stereophile writers, audiophile press in general, and forum posters is utter bullshit outside of their own readily convinced minds.

By the way, the info that I have is that the LG G2 is using an in house Qualcomm DAC.

In other words, don't hold your breath to hear much difference (if at all). I was initially hopeful that the components and chip to be higher-end...but I doubt that you will be able to hear much difference when compared to other high-end smartphones.

I remember that a site once tested Samsung and Apple audio output and both did extremely well with producing a flat response and very low noise. (At the time [iPhone 4S], Samsung made the audio chip for Apple I believe.)
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