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Let's see. I'm not sure what colors exactly are the options, but I would choose....

Dark green (if available) back, because it's my fav color and looks good with just about anything.
Purple front, because it's my fiancee's fav color, looks good with green, and is the color of the shirt I usually wear on stage.
Hot pink accents; my twin's fav color, in his memory (passed away 18 years ago, today).
Obvs. 32 GB.
Case: if there's such a thing as a clear Otterbox or Trident case? Gotta show off the colours!
Boot: My logo (see my avatar, but colour inverted); no boot sound.
Engraving: ANGRYX (every Android I've owned is called "ANGRY-" and then the model name, i.e. ANGRYVS920, ANGRYX2, ANGRYFASSY, etc.)
Greeting: Hello, Mr. Anger (in Keira Knightley's voice).

Alternatively, perhaps one with the wood back, carbon fiber front (is that an option?), and gold accents, engraved with "Des" or, if there's enough space, "Destynee Ceresini."
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