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Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
A Developer Edition with none of the features intact would make for a pretty dull X, IMO. And if it comes with all the X features, what are you going to do? Root & ROM it? Then you lose the features! No, something tells me to just personalize my Verizon X, pay full retail, and not wait for the Developer Edition. It just wouldn't make sense to me to do so.
I agree! I'm not going to spend upwards of $600 for a phone like the X without all these features we are seeing in all the reviews...No Wayyy!

I already tried that with both the GPE of the GS4 and ONE and ended up sending them both back! Yes vanilla Android is very nice and slick looking, but with those 2 GPE phones you loose alot of the stuff the phones were known for, yes some of it was gimmicky, but some was still cool and very useful.

And the X looks to have just about 90% of useful features without being gimmicky. I think I'm just going to go with a custom at&t X from moto maker and call it a day! It looks to be as stock as one could really get directly from a carrier anyway, the UI looks pretty stock looking IMO. That's good enough for me right now until maybe the Nexus 5 comes out and knocks my socks off, otherwise I'll make due with the X until something newer and fresher comes out either before or after the holidays....Moto Nexus anyone???
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