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Appbrain is just a browser. when i choose to install something i have to cringe at the pastel card-crap of Play Store. if there was only a market with paid apps with the entire database from Play that i could simply replace it with, you can bet i would. i've tried downgrading Play Store but it always auto-updates and in Android 4 and up, there is no 'Market Updater' to freeze to prevent it, and the older Android Market won't run on 4 and up either. Amazon has 1/3 the paid apps of Play, and so far that's all i got. I prefer to pay for apps to avoid Airpush crap, or banners that slow the interface down, or to support the Dev with a more polished product. i have found a lot of 'free' versions of otherwise paid apps, include ads that slow it down, or seem intentionally crippled or crash-prone as if they intended to influence you to pay for the more polished product. now i just avoid the crap by paying for it if it is possible--it's not expensive.

It really is a shame. i actually enjoyed Google's apps before the upgrade, they worked a bit better than they do now. Books had a nice 3-D looking library, now gone. Store had a nice layout that made Android Market primitive in comparison and fit more in the screen. it also had a much more eye-friendly lighter text on dark background. Music had a nice visualization when the current song was playing. Google+ was far superior to Facebook with its lack of crap like Candy Crush and often-improper targeted advertising. (Facebook constantly fails to differentiate 'Deer Lover' from 'Deer Hunter' and 'Vegan' from 'Meat Lover'). but now their attempt at copying Windows 8 and WebOS and trying the same crappy gesture input of BlackBerry 10, just lost me.

Google Now is a very nice app, but i feel the UI needs to be exclusive to Google Now, and not start taking over Android itself. it works for the app, much like its iOS version. but as an interface it falls, well, for lack of a better term, 'flat'.

As for references to Star Trek, i am a huge fan of the series and older movies. i am pretty familiar with how it inspired much of what we have now. Deep Space Nine has devices in later seasons that probably got Glass inspired. The Next Generation had tablets, with people actually tapping them with their fingers as if they were using our tablets today--in 1989. and no one would forget the Original Series' inspiring cellular phones. there are other forms of tech that have become reality as well (There is a real-life analog to the VISOR and a real-life medical scanner is now being used)

Star Trek LCARS, as much as some folks assume is just like Windows 8 and Google's new UI, isn't at all like it. in later movies, namely, Nemesis, the Windows 8 colors became a default blue theme. any information displayed in the panels around those colored bars was usually a 3-D or more graphical app, such as a planet orbit display, or molecule data on a Patient Biology scan. Brain scans were shown in 3-D (Voyager) often. LCARS was even used in Holodecks to show 3-D interactive images, with the flat-panels only setting up the program itself like writing a program in BASIC. LCARS also has a light-on-dark background which Google refuses to use.

LCARS and what our UIs are turning into are nothing alike. i highly doubt that anyone today could tell the button to display the Stardate from the Photon Launcher by all the dazzling touch-buttons that were constantly blinking throughout the ship. There was NEVER any sign of a Fisher-Price style UI on any Star Trek ship, from Enterprise, to TOS and beyond.
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