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Originally Posted by ss1992 View Post
Like above user said there are plenty of other mp3 players.

I don't want people to get me wrong, I would love to see tech like in Star Trek. But nickdalzell was somewhat implying that we should have tech like that already. It's going to be a while when we see a holodeck. Much less Google Glass with a SIM slot.

Like I said before WIFI itself was popularized only in around 2003. People thought wifi was to hard at one point! Cut some slack people good God.

Let's not forget the fact that multi touch hit mainstream in just 2007!

Can we honestly say technology isn't advancing? What about the S4 eye tracking? That's a pretty decent advancement. Oh but no SD card? Oh the whole phone went backwards. Oh dear lord.

2007-2013. 6 years. 2007 multi touch itself was considered a huge advancement. Now 6 years later we have straight up RETINA TRACKING TECHNOLOGY, and we've gone backwards??

I do not see Android being anything like Apple at all. Google is money hungry, do you all really think Google is going to grab their customers and shove them right out? Android, no matter what device, has way more features than any iOS enabled device.

I do agree about the SD card issue, I rely on it too. But it's really not such a big deal to the point where I'm dropping android entirely. If you don't like Android anymore go to iOS and tell us Android isn't worth it.

I rest my case.
What we need is more competition, keep android, and iOS on their toes.
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