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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
yeah, multitouch (iOS) started with the first iPhone. it also paved the way towards more accurate touchscreens and finger input, far more natural than a stylus. but wait! the stylus is BACK! just like speech recognition, we're going to see touchscreens held back by the few dinosaurs who prefer to wield a stylus. heck for a while HDTVs and flat-panel monitors were held back because the same folks preferred a CRT for a few years.

We're seeing tech evolution going backwards. it's plain as day. devices were getting smaller, faster, and starting to look like they were going towards integrated tech. or wearable tech. now what is happening? it's getting bigger, clunkier, and looking like a modern take on 1980s tech. the Note 2 is the best example. sure, it sports a touch screen, a high-res display, and does far more, but dimension wise it reminds anyone from the 1980s of the DynaTAC. it looks every bit as goofy as one when used as a phone. it just lacks the rubber antenna and grey finish, and has a much better battery.

the Note 2 also reminds me of an Apple Newton with it having a stylus and folks actually using the darned thing. folks, who, mind you, hated touchscreens from day one of the iPhone. i can only pray they're a minority and won't halt the progress of touch input farther.

No, i am not expecting 24th Century tech today. i am stating however that as long as we're dumbing stuff down and not evolving towards much more advanced tech like translucent screens, flexible dispalys, or 3-D UIs, we might not see the 24th Century. everything is going Fisher-Price! Windows 8, iOS, even speculations of Android 5.

I don't want to give up on Android. i certainly don't want to go back to iOS (even iOS 7 seems to be all cartoony now anyway from what i am reading). However if Google gets the same ego as Microsoft and Facebook and starts ignoring user complaints and responds with 'hey, this is our new look, take it or leave it' then i am not going to be comfortable remaining with 'em.
The stylus never went anywhere. The Stylus is only used for certain functions of the Note 2. How are people using a stylus for a stylus related function going to hold back the advancement of touchscreen technology?

Google has always had an ego. (ever heard of Google Analytics?) they invade your privacy every time you turn around. With big money and power comes large egos.

All of the big advancements I have seen have come from companies such as Samsung. Google just dishes out Android and some Google services.

Trust me tech is advancing incredibly fast. There is a actually a friend I know who is in on the tech and beta testing scene and has heard that there are a lot of companies developing TV tech that used Virtual Reality. (supposedly will put you in the movie or show)

I wouldn't worry about SD Cards or using a Stylus to be the downfall of technology advancement. Truth be told my grandmother has nerve damage so bad she can't even use her iPhone 4s touchscreen without a stylus. Her using a stylus isn't a step backward and there are plenty of people who can't. I've seen it before.
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