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Originally Posted by Goodspike View Post
I mainly agree and was even going to say something similar, but then I remembered my old microSD card in my Droid 2 Global is still sitting in that device. So while you might be thinking of future devices, I'm not sure how often that really happens.
Well, I had an 8 GB microSDHC card that I used 2 phones ago (enV 3) and my last phone (D3). Then I got a 32 GB micro SDHC card for the last half year I owned the D3 and have now tossed that into my S4. Who knows, maybe I'll get a 64 GB card by the time my 2 years are up w/ the S4. But if not, you can be certain that the 32 GB card will go in my next phone. (And you can be certain that I won't buy a phone that has no expandable storage.)

Originally Posted by Midiman View Post
It didn't used to be a year and a half ago when I bought my S2.
I don't remember the price differences per speed last year. But back in Feb. when I bought the 32 GB microSDHC card, even name brand SanDisk, it was only a couple bucks for Class 6 vs. Class 10, which is what I got.
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