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Originally Posted by new optimus View Post
I recall (vaguely) something about that but do not remember who? Or even the full story.

No that does not explain anything, it goes into nicks theory of dumbing down everything.

I do like the ext file system vs the fat but You would think in todays world they would find a new/safer/easier removable filesystem. seriously how long has fat filesystem been around, and its microsoft.

Also irritates me that ext is a linux file system yet MTP is such a hassle on linux.

Also the fact is when you plug in your nexus device, or any new phone mtp is crap for performance/copy transfer speeds. And you can not do as many things as you could before.
Darn. The story went that there was a nuclear bomb blast. One part there was a starving dog that could smell food being cooked because of the time schedule..
Tick tock 7 o clock 7 o tock time to wake up! Something along those lines.
Found it. It was called There Will Come Soft Rains
by Ray Bradbury
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