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Man, this is tough....especially without seeing a rendering.
But I have to go silver and black. Its just so clean and classy. No car looks better than black with chrome accents. Its the same reason I liked the Raiders when I was little.... how could you not think silver and black was cool? Yeah, maybe its not wild and original but this is my dream, go have your own!

Back: Carbon Fiber
Front: Black
Accents: Metallic Silver
Storage: 32gb
Engraving: A4L (Android for life obviously)
Wallpaper: None (all black)
Greeting: Hey now!

Throw in a pair of the headphones in "cement" cause why not Cement!

No case please!

No, strike that. Better idea. Way back when, before I was married, my wife had this shiny blue flip phone that she loved. I think it was this Samsung.

Anyway, she was on Sprint and I made her switch to my plan on Verizon and get a new phone. To this day she still talks about her blue phone I took away from her. So....

Back: Royal Blue
Front: White
Accents: Metallic Silver
Storage: 32gb (since you're paying!)
Engraving: My Pretty Blue Phone
Wallpaper: (some tropical island shot)
Greeting: Hello Beautiful!

Throw in a matching pair of headphones in "royal blue".

She gets a new phone, I get brownie points and redemption for taking her old blue phone, plus, then I can take her old phone and sell it and my phone and get whatever the latest and greatest phone is this winter!

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