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Drat. This thread blew up again and I was unable to look at it again until there was so much I want to respond to that it's megaquote time. Again, breaking it into a few posts...

Originally Posted by OptimusL View Post
My main issue is that he constantly harps about it being for blind people or people with poor eyesight , having worked with others that have this disability it is more than a little insulting.
Wouldn't those people be bothered if their favorite thing used to offer an interface optimized for them but doesn't anymore? That's what nick is ranting about. He doesn't have a problem with an interface being available for those folks, and at the moment he could be placated just by having a non-default option for folks like him and myself...the default could even be for the differently-abled.

Some folks want to fly through their interface without being coddled or condescended. A huge gnarly lever for windshield wipers just gets in my way; a small control at the end of my turn signal lever, requiring a bit of dexterity, does NOT get in my way and lets me adjust my wipers while doing a bunch of other things simultaneously. The huge gnarly lever on my 1997 Pontiac would be great for elderly folks, but the concentrated collection of many controls in one place on my 1987 Cadillac and 2002 GMC were perfect for me.

The same issue comes into play when you design a computer or mobile interface for the lowest common denominator (by which I mean the design that kinda fits EVERYBODY but doesn't fit anybody particularly well).
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