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To be honest, I haven't tried opening it. Been a bit bitter the last few weeks at Google. I often spend hours browsing apps in the Play Store, just to discover cool new things, such as a launcher, themes, widgets, games, apps since my phone and tablets constantly change as I do. I never keep one theme forever. I love to customize. So yeah, if the interface looks like crap, I notice. I will say that I thoroughly enjoy the older Play Music app as I use it the most. The library takes far less steps now. To shuffle all my content, I now simply swipe right twice and tap 'shuffle all' in the later versions, I have to click the Play Music icon in the upper left corner, select 'my library' and then swipe twice to 'songs' and finally hit 'shuffle all' the new UI takes too many steps and the new version has this long lag or delay between songs while the old one is snappy . The only app I installed today was UC Browser to replace Chrome on my Nexus 10, since Chrome has been unstable since it updated to Android 4.3. My launcher kept reloading and messing up my widgets' layouts. Lately I'm trying to get into the pattern of buying apps from Amazon first, downloading free apps in it or 1Mobile Market second, and Play dead last.
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