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By "just claims" I was pretty unclear - as per usual when I typing and doing 6 other things.

Sorry, my bad.

I think there's a false expectation that GPE devices update as fast a Nexus. As we've seen, those can update faster than the stock models (especially with the carrier chicken dances thrown in) but GPE != Nexus.


There weren't big price cuts on the GPE One or SGS4.

I think the idea that Google will violate the Motorola boundary and price this like a Google Nexus is just not going to happen.

That would not only create a losing battle with the carriers, it would slice wounds into the Open Handset Alliance with two key players that would never heal.

In my opinion.

I'd love to be wrong on that, but so far my batting average on the X has been pretty high.


I'm on Sprint, so I'll be waiting to see what happens later on the MotoMaker for a 32 GB version I can use.
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