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Originally Posted by recDNA View Post
Don't count on it. My ancient tbolt takes better pics than my hd maxx
Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
The biggest issue in Moto camera seems to be inconsistent shot to shot results. Quite often focus, color/exposure is bad out of 3~4 shots from 10 despite my effort to hold it steady with touch focus. Hopefully Moto X camera is better in getting consistent photo results.
Would either of you be willing to try -

- on your Moto phones and report back?

It's 2 bucks and the dev claims a no-problem refund policy.

It's a different app from Camera Zoom, FX and the rest of them.

And it features the ability to avoid most jpeg compression during the file save.

The X will have different hardware from yours but one good trial could help lay to rest if Moto is consistently bad at hardware or just software.

FWIW - the sensor specs in the X are very good and I'm doubtful it's hardware, beyond low light limits common to this sort of lens/sensor geometry.

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