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How do I launch an EFI shell?

I installed kernel 3.10_am64 and got my drivers that way... tried 3.10.6 initially, but ended up breaking things, so I uninstalled and went for 3.10 instead and I am running on wifi now. DHCP (automatic didn't work out too well... setting a manual IP did, and that is fine by me.

For the record, I went to the repository Index of /~kernel-ppa/mainline, surfed to the folder I wanted, and downloaded to a folder (labeled /kernel 3.10) the following files:


I then opened a terminal, typed in the following:

cd Downloads
cd "kernel 3.10"
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
sudo update-grub
sudo reboot
After rebooting, I got a notification telling me wifi was available.
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