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Originally Posted by Dngrsone View Post
It's a Realtek RTL8188E. I found a bug-report on it, basically saying it isn't supported by Ubuntu. There is a fix-- Linux kernel 3.10 and up supports it, so I will have to manually upgrade my kernel to the stable 3.10.

If I disable secure boot then Mint boots up. If it is enabled, then Windows 8 boots.

I installed rEFUnd, but the laptop UEFI ignores it. If I replace the boot_x86.efi file under /efi/EFI/Boot directory, then secure boot has a conniption (if enabled).

I am thinking that there is a battle of bootloaders going on here and that Toshiba is rigging the fight. There is a /toshiba folder in there, so I may try putting the rEFInd bootloader in that directory, replacing one or both of the ones in there.
Ok, calm down. I happen to have experience dealing with both the grub-failing-to-launch-Win8 AND the wireless card not being detected.

What's happening is grub is detecting the Win8 install, but incorrectly assumes the bootloader code is on the Win8 partition. It is not, Grub needs to chainload to the Win8 entry in the EFI partition (sda2 on my rig).

The RTL8188E detection fail is indeed a bug with ubuntu, it even occurs in the latest 13.04 updates.

To solve both issues, you can install the latest Ubuntu 13.10 Pre-Release

Seriously. The RTL8188E driver support is back, you should now have a 3.11 kernel come stock with it, AND its version of GRUB will correctly find the Win8 bootloader on the EFI partition.

How to get there from here? Start with installing the 64bit Ubuntu 13.04. Wireless won't be available, so grab an ethernet cable and jack in. Open a terminal and run:

sudo update-manager -d
That will trigger Ubuntu's normal update process, but the -d flag will tell it to probe for pre-release versions to upgrade to. Don't worry if it only finds regular updates, or says it can't find anything. Run those and then run the command again. Eventually, it'll find it and prompt you for the upgrade. Do it. It'll take approximately 30min - 1 hour to install.

Upon completion, you'll have rebooted into a proper EFI-aware grub and can launch win8. Ubuntu will have proper support for your wireless, and you can probably install gnome-classic or kde or something to replace unity if you so desire.
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