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I have my wireless drivers by installing kernel 3.10 into Mint 15.

The UEFI booting issue is painfully complex, and it seems like Toshiba is breaking a lot of rules (likely in the name of compliance).

If in Secure Boot, the machine boots Windows 8.

If Secure Boot is disabled, it will boot into Windows 8, unless I have manually registered rEFInd as the primary boot loader.

If I move anything around in the EFI folder from within Mint (using GUI, because I am lazy and somewhat impatient), then the system reverts back to previous behavior.

I cannot seem to be able to find any setting that will allow me to boot an EFI shell. There's supposed to be an advanced settings thing here in Windows with more UEFI options, but Toshiba has hidden it away from the menus where they even say it's supposed to be. I know it exists, because I accidentally called it up once, but I have idea what arcane key-combination I used at the time.

***EDIT: I found it; holding down the Shift key when selecting Restart in Windows 8 will get me to that Advanced menu. Now all I need to do is restart my laptop a few times to figure out which menu item I need to get to... ***

I will keep plugging away, as I find time to do so... I have bicycle maintenance to do, the school year is starting, and all those other IRL things that interfere (not to mention trying to set a new computer from scratch to be able to do my daily tasks).
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