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Jpeg quality ultra = as little post processing for storage compression as possible.

A lot of the grain and lack of details in phone photos comes from jpeg compression.

Compression artifacts

Here's a nice series of the same picture with varying levels of compression to illustrate -

Sample photos

Most of what reviewers prattle on about pretending to be experts in digital photography, discussing megapixels and the ever sacred sample and comparison photographs they publish is total nonsense.

Most of their nonsense is reviewing the software - and you can change the software.

Here's the deal - cell phone cameras have lenses that are about 2 mm or so or less in diameter. With a plastic lens, not glass.

That ladies and gentlemen is a nearly a pinhole camera - perhaps you made one out of a shoebox and shirt cardboard as a kid.

In order for this to work, we want and need a high quality sensor and good image processing to extract the image from the sensor.

We don't want any compression destroying what little we can get - and by we, I mean those of us caring about our pictures.

No sour grapes but I know many won't believe that until a blog writer says so, more of my credentials under the button if anyone cares (I wouldn't).

The FX thing I'd have to go look up, I'm drawing a blank.

PS - here's a cropped image I took, it's 30% of the full frame, and was saved without compression.


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