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Originally Posted by brandonhutch View Post
No offense to you or the subject, but see ... I think that photo is terrible. Look how grainy that is in, what appears to be, sufficient lighting conditions. I'm assuming that was taken with ample daylight coming in through the windows - it looks like it anyway.

As much as I hate my Gnex, ( slow to open apps, Samsung radios, glitchy software, etc. ) ... it takes unbelievably fantastic photos in a myriad of conditions. Every time I whip it out and start firing, it's always a subject of admiration among my friends. And rightfully so ... it takes great photos.

I really need to get a new phone as my Gnex just sucks these days. I don't really know why that is either, maybe I just got a bad one and it's showing its age more than others. But I use the camera on my phone A LOT and I'm cautious of how the Moto X camera is going to suit my personal needs.

Yeah, I know ... carry a pocket shooter if I want good pics. Why should I have to do that when I know that the camera in my phone is capable of taking pics. Just hoping that a software update or that JB+ ( or really any GP camera app ) will be sufficient for me.
he said in his post that it had some pretty serious compression going on.. (7.3) i think that is pretty solid for a web upload with that high a compression. I would like to see the original, i bet its more than acceptable.
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