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Originally Posted by Jordanf1end View Post
Hi all, this is my 2nd week with the HTC one 64g and i am quite happy with it. Taking a look at these specs should this be the battery life im expecting? i took the phone off the charger at around 6am and went to the gym and had spotify playing for about an hour. Im thinking thats what the wakelocks are coming from? im not sure. Also should my on screen time be better? the radio might be killing my battery im not sure because when i worked from 12-830pm my job pretty much has crap reception so maybe thats why the radio is so high as well? any suggestions?
When you have audio playing on your phone, your phone will be wake locked, and you can see that as the audio out wake lock.

Bad cell reception often does cause a decrease in battery life, as the phone will constantly search for a better/stronger signal.
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