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Originally Posted by ironass View Post
Hello and welcome to Android Forums JWaldenback!

I wouldn't eactly describe it as, "fool proof", as I never cease to be amazed at the human capacity for screwing up or not reading the instructions properly.

Let me think... Hmmm! Sweden. Famous for blonde haired women, (I don't suppose you have a sister or cousin that fits that description ), and, if I remember correctly, Norrland Guld Export lager!

It's the same with all my Dummies Guides.This one, for instance, has had almost 1,900 views so far and only 20+ Thanks. C'est la vie!
It's nice to finally be part of the Android community. I have been a long-term iPhone user but eventually switched to Android and I'm happy for it. But I must admit (coming from the jailbreak community) that it is harder to find good guides and videos showing how to install tweaks when it comes to rooting and Android - therefore the happiness I expressed in my last post. Though I'll also admit I like the Android lot the better (always this bickering between Android and iPhone)

True, I've been one of those myself. Sometimes my eagerness to tweak with my phone get the better of me...

Your memory doesn't fail you Lord Ironass! Norrlands Guld lager is Swedish and taste real good as well

And now it's time for me to leave this thread and let it get back to topic.
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