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I am trying to decide whether to freeze certain apps I don't need or install a custom DjeMBeY ROM and getting rid of them permanently. Maybe someone here can help me decide what to do?

Is there any difference in speed when between a custom Super Slim ROMs and the stock one? More bloatware (frozen or not) does in my thinking slow the device, but then, I have quite limited knowledge when it comes to freezing and such so don't know if that's true.

I was also thinking about Titanium Backup. Let's say I do a backup with Titanium on my device as it is now where I haven't frozen any bloatware at all. Then I decide to install a custom ROM but first wipe the device clean (by the way is there any necessity wiping it?) and then restore the device with that backup. Does it install all off these Samsung bloatware again? Because when I made this backup those apps were installed on my device?

If I don't wipe my device before installing this Slim ROM what happens then? Does my settings on all apps stay the same when reinstalling them?

And then I must ask about installing apps that DjeMBeY have got rid off, for example, Dropbox. Is it ok just to install it via Play Store?

Many questions, I know, but I'm a newbie when it comes to Android

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I came up with yet another question. Installing a custom ROM vs freezing apps on the stock ROM. Is it easier to update the phone to the newest Android firmware with the stock ROM? (I have no need doing this since I'm very happy with 4.2 but I believe it's worth taking into consideration when deciding what to do next).
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