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Originally Posted by SiempreTuna View Post
The Google definition of 'upfront': denying they cross the 'creepy line' for years then accidentally letting it slip that the do, regularly, in a legal defence document .. in a case about invasion of privacy

It is strange that people are so up-in-arms about the government capturing metadata about their comms to (we're told) protect them but don't seem in the slightest bit bothered about a private company mining not just metadata but also content just to more effectively make money out of them ..

Next we need Google to reveal their definition of 'evil' - I suspect it may be slightly different to OED's ..
Most of google's services (books, music, tv) aren't available here so they can't make money off me

I do find that they provide me with good services (google now, maps) from the info I give them.
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