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Originally Posted by mahler9 View Post
Just got my S4 yesterday. Can't stop fiddling with it. I have not yet made a phone call with it, but just the internet use seems to wear the battery quickly. I have followed all the tips about battery conservation, but this one went from 100% to 30% in 6 that pretty normal? I know it's a fantastic phone with great features and I hate turning so many of them off to have longer battery life
I wouldn't be overly concerned with the battery. With a new phone, you're playing with it more so you'll use more battery. Today's phones use more juice anyway because of all they do and the size and quality of the screens. The battery also tends to improve over time but you have to remember these are smart phones and they will all use a lot of battery for various reasons. I've read some people saying how they turn this and that off and their battery lasts forever. I say why bother having a smart phone then? I have my screen brightness turned all the way up (big battery drain) and I use all my apps and features the way I want to. If that means I have to plug the thing in during the day on ocasion so be it but I did NOT buy this phone to be a fancy paperweight. I put all my settings right where I need them and compromise on less important ones but I have it the way I need it to be and let the chips fall where they may. I almost always can get thru my business day and that's all I can ask for. If I have to do something after work, then I throw it on the charger for a little extra kick. No problem.
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