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Default New HTC One user. Questions

Hi guys

I've just got a htc one yesterday and I'm having a few of problems. They seem like simple problems but I've been looking on the Internet and can't seem to find any answers so I thought I'd ask here.

The three problems I'm having are is there an email widget that allows you to see a few emails without clicking into it? I can see one for gmail but it doesn't seem to work as I use hotmail. I've just been using the mail app but this just means I have to open it to see any emails. If there isn't a widget does anyone know of any good ones I could download?

Secondly I save my contacts on my sim and phone in case one breaks I don't loose all my contacts and want to select to only show say phone contacts so they're not all duplicated but I can't find the option. I'm guessing it must be there because I've been doing this on phones for as long as I can remember.

Lastly when I text I like the fact it shows up recommended words but if the recommended words aren't correct and I click space it still chooses a recommended word so I have to go back and retype. I'm hoping there's an option like on Samsung galaxy where if I don't click the recommended word it just leaves the word as I typed it. If this Isn't an option does anyone know any keyboards I can download that might do this?

This seems to have turned into quite a long post but I'd be grateful if anyone can help on any of these issues


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