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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Miriam is dreaming. Or she's from outer space. Or another planet.

Snapdragons have lots of cores - always have.

They vary by Snapdragon model.

In Miriam's world, you can program one of the DSP (digital signal processing) cores to do that job.

That will entail plenty of other management work internally on the Snapdragon.

And a boatload of software that you're going to load into the CPU first to manage things.

DSPs are not considered low-power cores. They themselves take less power because they're ancillary cores - but that's it.

Several of us already postulated that Motorola would go that route.

They didn't. They did it right.

Those apps she's imagining will NOT run as efficiently as what's built-in to the Moto X in any way, shape or form.

Statements by people who theorize how things work instead of knowing are called bloggers and they are the bane of our existence.

But - theoretically, could you do it?


Would you want to?

Not if you want some battery life.

Was her use of the expression "other low power cores" sensationalist and misleading?

That's the polite way of saying what she said.


There are no hidden, secret, top-secret general purpose low-power CPUs on any Snapdragon. Never has been.

It's mentioned earlier in the thread - it's like a Windows hard disk defrag thing - only for solid state storage.
I know I have heard from multiple sources. I thought one was fairly official that the Snapdragon 800 was capable of the always listening feature but I have no idea if it will have any semblance of battery life responding from it.
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