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Default Review of Arkon Slim-Grip Ultra IntelliGrip mount w/lots of pics!!!

This is a review of Arkon Slim-Grip Ultra IntelliGrip edition which available with a car charger IntelliGrip? NFC Car Dock for Android? or without it IntelliGrip? NFC Car Mount for Android?

For those familiar with Slim-Grip Ultra, which I've reviewed in my original post, you can consider this as v2.0. You will find the same high quality built with a spring loaded mechanism and two sets of adjustable leg supports to accommodate any smartphone or tablet with screen size of up to 8". It also comes with a sticky mount base which I have demonstrated before to work great on any flat surface and a number of different textured surfaces. There is even a classic mounting disk with 3M sticky side in case you really having a hard time locating that mounting surface. In addition, review package I received had car charger adapter with a built-in protection chip, although charger itself is rather bulky/old fashioned and supports only 1A of charging current. But the great thing is that you have an option which IntelliGrip package you choose, and once it's available on Amazon and other discount retailers, you always guaranteed to find the best deal! If you don't want to wait, you can order it directly from Arkon using links I provided above.

I'm not going into the same details about basics of this mount since I have already done that in my original review you can find at Post#1 of this thread. I have been using my Arkon car mount for years, and can voucher for its quality that never let me down no matter if it's single or triple digit weather outside. The build and the material of this Slim Grip Ultra is top notch. I also wanted to add since I have been asked this question a lot, the mount does fit Note 2 with Zerolemon battery and it's tpu case. I have demonstrated that in pictures below. N2 w/ZL stays very sturdy and secure. But I still have to point out - using a large phone such as Note 2 will require two hands because you will be dealing with extension of spring loaded end where the spring itself will be at max stretch. Just think of it as a bonus workout

So what is IntelliGrip and how does it benefit this car mount? With a widespread popularity of NFC technology, you will find it available in most of today's new phones. It's very simple, you get NFC tag, program it, and place your phone next to this tag to execute pre-programmed tasks. You can let your imagination go wild where and how you can use these, but one place where it could be almost as "must have" is in your car. You get into your car, typically want your wifi to turn off and switch to 4G before the road, have GPS on, perhaps Bluetooth on as well to pair up with your car audio system, and start your navigation program. This is a series of commands you can realistically go through every time you get into the car, especially if you are trying to preserve your battery life and have some of these turned off. In this situation having NFC tag right where your car mount is extremely practical. I know what you going to ask, why do I need another car mount when I can get a sticky tag and just attach it on the car mount. Absolutely, you can, but after awhile it will probably peel off after constant placement of the phone. Therefore Arkon guys came up with a clever idea to make a cavity inside of their spring loaded arm to host this NFC tag. As you can see from the pictures, one was already included, and another one was provided as a spare. As simple as that, place your phone into the car mount, and any task you programmed using, for example, a free NFC Task Launcher will get executed on a spot. Very simple and clean solution that takes Slim-Grip Ultra to a new IntelliGrip level

Here are the pictures.

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