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Originally Posted by Zcherub View Post
I've read up on a few different websites (here, HTC, and a few random blogs), and nobody seems to be able to explain EXACTLY how the power save function on the HTC One works.

Specifically, if I enable the option to "put data to sleep when screen is off", how exactly does that impact my notifications?

I have mail set to fetch/push every 15 minutes anyway - does it increase that time?

My main concern is with texts, though. If my wife texts me, I don't want to get it 10-15 minutes later - I want to get it when it's sent. If I enable that option, will emails/texts just periodically be pushed to me at some undetermined interval, or will I receive them normally while games/news apps have notifications pushed to me a little less frequently?

If Power Saver on, the wifi/data connection will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity and it will turn on every 15 minutes to check for notifications.
Quote from HTC One manual:
"If power saver mode's Data connection option is selected, HTC One automatically
disconnects from the mobile network after 15 minutes when the screen is off and
the data connection is idle (no download activity, streaming, or data usage). It
reconnects and then disconnects periodically when the data connection is idle to
save battery power.
Keep in mind though that the Sleep mode option for the data connection in
Settings > Power, when enabled, overrides power saver mode."
"Sleep mode saves battery power by putting HTC One into a low power state while the
display is off. It also stops accidental button presses when HTC One is in your bag."
"If the Sleep mode option in Settings > Power is enabled, at low peak times, your
phone will turn off the data connection after the screen has been off for 15
minutes and there's no network activity (no downloads, streaming, or data
usage). The data connection resumes when you switch the screen back on."
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