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Originally Posted by akaivyleaf View Post
I understand about the fact that Facebook might save at a lower resolution than if I pasted my own picture in for contacts, but I don't understand how the resolution and functionality can be different from the s3 to the s4.
It's not S4 problem. You need to remember that facebook profile pic is only 180x180 pixels. Display size 160x160

Now, the S3 screen was 1280x720 px, while S4 is 1920x1080 px, so naturally, the photo that was taking more space on S3 screen, will take noticeably less of space on S4.

The only way to get them fill the screen real estate space, is to go through facebook, collect photos of your contacts, and edit them one by one, through Gmail - Contacts, or directly on your phone.

That's how I do, and they look amazing. Especially that I monotone the photos to work with Samsung's UI, so they look like part of the interface. I could never stand profile pics of cats, cars or some other weird stuff people put
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