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Great review as usual by Kelmar! You beat me to it

Since I don't want to duplicate the main info already posted in the original review, let me add some of my own comments and a lots of more pictures

First of all, this is probably one of the most anticipated S4 cases. Period! I remember drooling over OBEX S3 case in hopes they will release it for Note 2, but it never happened due to s-pen compatibility issues. Now, being able to test this case with S4 makes me very sad because I no longer have my Verizon S4 review phone and have to use a display model of S4. Let me just tell you - this is the first case that actually makes me want to buy the phone just so I can use it with OBEX. A lot of you who are familiar with my work in both XDA and AF know that I have reviewed a ton of cases, and I can tell you this one is a pure quality crafted to withstand anything from water to impact or dust or snow. It doesn't just meets but actually exceeds both IPX68 rating and MIL-STD-810F test, all independently tested by NAC. This is not just a vendor claim, they can actually confirm that with independent test results.

I wasn't able to test it with a working phone, but I can tell you I was very impressed with a built-in 4H rated screen protector and the clarity of the image. Don't want to mention names *cough* otterbox *cough*, but other companies should take notes how it supposed to be done. I also done some research looking through a number of other review videos talking about how impressive S4 speaker sounds under the water while submerged. You can clearly see a lot of work went into design of that protective sound membrane.

For my water test, I used pool test strips since those will change color once in contact with moisture. In my last picture I actually showed how those colors look if moisture gets inside on that test strip. The case strayed dry without any problem.

Furthermore, I also would like to mention how lightweight the case is. Weighting only 2 ounces (56 grams) its featherlight and with overall dimension of 6" x 3 1/3 " x 1/2 " (150mm x 80 mm x 13 mm) it hardly adds any bulk, For something that offers such an amazing protection, hardly adding any bulk or increasing the weight is very impressive.
Also, the holster is very similar in design to CONVERT holster, and with OBEX S4 case you can actually place the phone facing out thus tilt it on a surface to use like a kickstand. That comes very useful.

The only comment I have is because you can't use wireless charging, you will have to open and close micro-usb port quite often which can add to some wear/tear but with everything covered under warranty - you should have piece of mind. Another comment is that back of the case is a bit on a slippery side, although when you place it on a flat surface you have 2 rubber bumps at each end that create friction with a surface to prevent it from sliding. The rubber material on the side of the case will give you an additional grip, although I would prefer to have back of the case less slippery. But then you can also argue that case is drop and water resistant, so what the heck!

Here are the pictures:

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